Sunday, September 13, 2015

Socialist Kshama Sawant has raised more campaign cash than any other Seattle city politician

But it turns out she is a big spender and has spent most of it.

Kshama Sawant, the socialist-Trotskyist Seattle City Council member has raised more money than any other candidate in any of the nine council races on Seattle’s November ballot, reports Seattle PI.

Since the beginning of September 2014, she has taken in  $281,536. But, the money is flowing out as fast as it is coming in. Sawant reported just $1,749 in cash on hand, compared to $50,379 for her District 3 (Central Area, Capitol Hill) challenger, Seattle Urban League boss Pamela Banks.

Sawant does not accept corporate money, but is heavily supported by organized labor: She has received donations from the Martin Luther King, Jr., King County Labor Council; United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21; Service Employees International Union; Inland Boatmen’s Union; plus Boeing Machinists leader Larry Brown.


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