Monday, September 21, 2015

Rand Paul 2016: The Diary Of A Wimpy Campaign

That's the Daily Caller take on the Rand Paul aide that was punched/pushed by a Marco Rubio aide. Let's go to the videotape:


Says DC:
The “punch” looks more like a shove, and Yob looked remarkably unharmed by the altercation. The Paul staffer’s response to the whole affair resembled that of a soccer player flopping on the field in the hope of getting an opponent yellow carded.

Unfortunately for Yob and his candidate, the event quickly turned from being an embarrassment for Rubio to another humiliation for Paul.

Even more unfortunately for the Paul campaign, the event illustrated a fundamental problem of the libertarian’s candidacy: he and his team keep looking like wimps.

Sure, Beeson probably shouldn’t have pushed Yob. It’s fair to say the whole affair was pretty unbecoming for two grown men in the national spotlight. However, the Paul adviser histrionically playing the victim of a brutal assault — all done in order to score political points — was the least respectable aspect of this whole affair.

Yob, and by extension the Paul campaign, came out looking whiny and weak. It was also particularly rich that the campaign that’s running to get the state out of people’s lives cried for the state to bring the hammer down over a light shove.

But the staffer’s whiny and weak response only mirrored that of his boss’s performance in Wednesday night’s debate.

(ht Jay Stepheson)

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