Monday, September 14, 2015

Donald Trump Talks to WSJ

His tax plan sounds like a typical politician's moving around of the method of taxation, rather than serious focus on tax cuts.

Also for the first time he talks about healthcare and mentions free markets, but I am suspicious, especially since later in the interview he mentions women's health issues as a concern. If he really is for keeping government out of the health sector why is he talking about women's health issues in terms of a Trump presidency?  -RW

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  1. I'm pretty sure that Trump is purposefully remaining vague about his ideas(and who knows what he'll really do if he gets into office), his "policy" page on his website says it all:

    It'll be fascinating to see if he gets in with a dearth of written policy positions. Catch him at one moment, and he almost seems non-interventionist, another- and he's a warmonger.

    I think the question swirling around in my mind is who would be more dangerous in office, Trump or Sanders?

    I have to admit, if someone would have mentioned that as a possibility last April I would have told them to stop taking drugs. Call me Nostradumbass.