Friday, September 11, 2015

Boston Mayor Open to Refugees

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh told the Boston Herald, "We would be willing to take migrants if they have them — that situation is still trying to figure itself out particularly in Europe, No one has contacted us about the migrants. We are waiting to see what happens and what the situation is"

“If we needed to, we would take them,” he added.

How does this become a role for junior dictators to decide?

Does Walsh mean he is opening up his house to the refugees? I think not.

In another interview, aired yesterday on Herald Radio, al hopeful Marco Rubio said he would be open to the United States housing some of the refugees flooding Europed yesterday it could take another 1 million over the next two years.

There was a bit of sanity from Poland.

Poland, the largest of the EU’s eastern members, has agreed to accept 2,000 refugees, saying it has too many economic problems to take more. In addition, officials have said that as a predominantly Roman Catholic country, Poland would have trouble integrating Muslims.

But the vice will be squeezed against Poland by the internationalists. Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said countries opposed to taking in refugees under an EU-wide quota system plan backed by Germany and France should suffer financial penalties.



  1. Forcing countries to accept the refugees under threat of financial sanctions - what could possibly go wrong?

  2. Denmark seems to be the most sane country in Europe at the moment.
    They even built a "Welfare Wall" of sorts.

    As for Boston there is so much affordable housing here, so plenty of space for new parasites.

    1. Government caused problems call for more government solutions!

      It really is incredible that in the mainstream national coverage of the refugee crisis nobody ever asks, 'why are there so many refugees coming out of places like Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc? What changed there over the past few years that could have caused all these refugees?'

      @Anon- do you have more info on this Denmark 'welfare wall'? I'm interested in hearing what they did.


    2. On the Denamark "Welfare Wall".
      The recently elected "Center Right" Government put this in place .
      They have room to cut a lot more, but for Denmark this is almost a Ron Paul like move.