Friday, August 14, 2015

Ron Paul Sends Out a Donor Pitch for Rand

David Weigel at WaPo reports:
As Rand Paul heads out of the country for a medical mission to Haiti, Ron Paul will make a print and e-mail pitch to donors. It is his first such email on Rand Paul's behalf since the April 7 start of his presidential bid.

"I know the media likes to play this little game where they pit us, or certain views, against each other," the elder Paul will write, according to excerpts provided by the younger Paul's campaign. "Don't fall for it. They're trying to manufacture story lines at liberty's expense. You've spent years seeing how the media treated me. They aren't my friends and they aren't yours."

In the e-mail, Ron Paul will say that the enemies of liberty "fear Rand more than any other candidate," and that "unlike other candidates, Rand isn't depending on Wall Street fat-cats and banksters who want more special treatment, bailouts and stimulus packages to bankroll his candidacy."...

"There is not one candidate who has run for president in my lifetime who can say they fully share my commitment to liberty, Austrian economics, small government, and following the Constitution, than my son, Rand Paul," writes Ron Paul.
A father supports a son. I am not going to get in the middle of that. However, I know of no Rand position, outside of his position on net neutrality, where it can be pointed to that he has a consistent libertarian position.

I think it is a tragic mistake for libertarians to support Rand.

Getting back on a family note, it is interesting that Rand chose this weekend to go to Haiti, when going on in Texas there is a big celebration for Ron's 80th birthday.



  1. You should change the name of your second rate blog website to "Target Rand" because that's mostly what you write about. Stick to what you know best, Bob: economics.

    1. I'm not a Rand supporter and it has nothing to do with RW, but I'd like visit your super-awesome, 1st-rate blog. What's the name of it?

    2. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know Rand Paul is not a friend of libertarianism. Apparently, though, getting that is too much for you. So maybe you should stick to Dr. Seuss books.

    3. Nice try, Jesse. You don't understand that for those not seeking thrones or riches, it drives them crazy when you shout down from up high to shut up and fall in line.

  2. Ron Paul's birthday event is hosted by the Mises Institute. I figure, Rand Paul can't be associated with that dangerous place. Why, he might actually be exposed to real libertarianism instead of beltway politics!

    I enjoy your blog, especially your "Rand Watch" converage! Keep it coming!

  3. Yes, a father will support his son. But when you call upon people who have no blood relative interest in supporting Rand Paul, to support Rand Paul, you better make sure you make that call because it is based on merit. Ron Paul has no such call.
    So whether he is Rand's father or not, that is not my business, and i regard his support for Rand and the words he decided to choose to be deliberate misinformation.

  4. I actually have been visiting this site even more then usual, just because I know you are focusing more on Rand. I am very disappointed Rand is a huge panderer, and I think the truth needs to be out there. Thank you for continuing coverage of the political circus!