Monday, August 24, 2015

On Supporting a D- Candidate

A friend emails:
Didn't I read somewhere that Walter Block gave Rand a 60 score as a libertarian? I am a former teacher. That is a D-. Why would he then support him? But even worse, I think Cruz might score higher than that.

 RW note:

Walter has given Rand a 60 a number of times see, for example, here.

Personally, I give Rand about a 20.


  1. Block's logic is that he supports the most libertarian candidate. He should revise his strategy and suppor whatever method is best for libertarianism, even if that method is apolitical. Someone please wake up this guy.

  2. I e-mailed Walter to explain the danger of supporting a phony opportunist. Rothbard was explicit in warning about opportunists who obfuscate our real views. C'mon Walter!

    1. So how is it you can argue for Rothbard to Block(which is a huge irony in and of itself given the history) on this topic when you stated earlier that Rothbard is responsible for keeping libertarians out of the field of play politically and represents a rogue faction that needs to be pulled back into a strict Mises style viewpoint?

      It's a bit stupefying that you are warning about opportunists obfuscate "our" real views via Rothbard when you yourself seem to reject parts of his philosophy.

  3. Well, if the worst get to the top, then Rand ain't the worst!
    Of course I am not making a Libertarian judgement here. Just having fun.