Thursday, August 20, 2015

Giving "The Bird" to the City of San Francisco

A San Francisco business bumps up against crazed San Francisco regulations. This letter, which details the situation, was forwarded to us by a friend.

August 19, 2015

Dear friends & members,

I have some unfortunate news regarding moving down to the retail level of 567 Sutter. It appears that San Francisco is cracking down on offices and coworking spaces which use retail zoned spaces as office space. As you know our plan for Union Sq. was to move down to the retail level, but yesterday we found while trying to change our business license that we are not allowed to occupy the retail level with a coworking space. Shocking, but unfortunately true. Please accept my apologies for the timing of this, but it came completely from left field.

So, with great sadness and “the bird” to the city of San Francisco, we have to be out of 559 & 567 Sutter by the end of August. We are searching of another space on Union Sq, however it won’t be a seamless transition due to the lack of time. I expect it will take us at least a few month to find a new space.

Thank you all for the great memories and amazing work that was done on Union Sq. Please contact Kate to see which of our other locations can accommodate you and your teams.

Thank you,

Roman Gelfer
President & CEO
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  1. Sounds to me like they are just going out to get some more "lube" and then will bend over at a different location in SF.

  2. Ah, Cow Orking. The favorite occupation of hipster startupers living off the droplets flying from the Fed's money printing spigot.

    This, too, will pass.