Wednesday, August 26, 2015

BREAKING! Trump Just Told GOP Brass He Will Forgo A Third-Party Run

Donald Trump has told several top Republicans that he will swear off the possibility of an independent bid and commit to running his presidential campaign under the party’s banner, according to several sources, reports HuffPo.

During an interview with radio host Hugh Hewit on Wednesday after this story was published, Trump was asked about it  whether he would forgo an independent run. "It’s not something I want to do and at some point I will actually totally commit," he said, in reference to formally running as a Republican.

"I didn’t think it was appropriate to commit during the debate," he went on. "You know, I was a little surprised they even asked me at the debate but that was OK. But at some point, look, I want to run, I’m leading in the polls by a lot, I want to run as a Republican.  I want to get the nomination and I want to beat the Democrats."


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  1. Why did he do this? Is it to gain more respect and support of the GOP? He doesn't need them, so why did he do it?