Friday, August 28, 2015

A Professor Has Wrtten a "Black Lives Matter" Textbook for Middle and High School Students

I'm guessing this will be used in Victimology Indoctrination classes everywhere.

Business Insider reports, American Studies professor Duchess Harris has written a textbook aimed at middle and high schoolers.

"I live in Minnesota, so I have lots of white friends who have come up to me and said, 'How do we explain this to our kids?'" explains Harris, who is black and teaches at Macalester University in St. Paul.

Her book, Black Lives Matter, which comes out in November, was her answer, says BI.

BI continues:
The book covers politically important police shootings of black Americans over the last three years, including Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, and Michael Brown. It also includes chapters on African-American history, and the United States' racially motivated War on Drugs.

Black Lives Matter gained notoriety earlier this week, when Fox and Friend aired a segment slamming it. During the program, guest Larry Elder said, "It's indoctrinating young kids, teaching them that black people are victims and, by the way, you, as white people, ought to feel really, really guilty about it."
During an interview Harris said:
 It's written at an eighth-grade level. We're pitching it to sixth to 12th grade...

One of the reasons why I was inspired to work on this project is that I taught Introduction to African American Studies last fall and the course started three weeks after Ferguson had happened. So I go into the classroom and try to have conversations, and it's very difficult for the students to talk about these things. I had lots of first-year students. I just asked them, "How did you manage this in high school?" They said, "You know, we didn't talk about these things in high school."

Now, Macalester has students from almost all 50 states. We have students from more than 80 countries. And they were at a loss on how to have a conversation about this. For me, it made it really difficult...

I'll give you a perfect example: Let's say there are some children who are frightened because they're watching television and they're seeing all this upheaval. So their question is, "Why are these people angry?" You can have educated parents that are willing to have a conversation, that will say something like, "They're upset because the police officer, Mr. Darren Wilson, wasn't indicted." What does the word "indictment" mean to a seventh grader? There are grown people who don't know what "indictment" means, right?...

I know the entire St. Paul [Minnesota] school district is considering adopting it. My daughter's school, Laura Jeffrey Academy, is definitely using it.

I just said to them in passing, "Maybe you'd like to use it in seventh and eighth grade social science." I wanted to make a contribution to the community that I live in and see my kids' generation do this better than other generations have. They've decided that the whole school is going to read it.
I wonder if the great black hope, Harris, can name one successful black entrepreneur, and how much of her book is dedicated to successful black business role models. That would really help black lives. Does she have a chapter titled, Hard Work Matters, instead of teaching kids to walk around feeling outraged because they are victims.



  1. Racist and discriminatory book. All lives matter!

  2. I plan to read it. I enjoy a good laugh.