Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Neocon Who Has Learned His Tactics From Trotsky Speaks

I am curious, though, what does Kristol see in the clownish Dan Quayle's, Sarah Palin's and Tom Cotton's of the world? In compassion, the WWF performers looks like a band of worldly statesman.

Are these clownish types easy to manage and don't ask a lot of questions? Is that the attraction?



  1. The Andy Kaufman / Jerry Lawler Feud:

    This link has 2 videos. One is Andy vs. Jerry on the David Letterman show which is epic. The second video is an interview by Lawler where he tells how the whole feud was manufactured. He says that Kaufman learned a lot from professional wrestling when he was a kid. He realized that one of the pro wrestlers was saying all kinds of disgusting things obviously trying to get the people to dislike him. What was amazing to Andy was that the guy was extremely popular none-the-less. Andy took this insight and carried it forward into his act.

    Read this way, Kristol's comment does make some sense. Donald's showmanship does borrow a page.

    1. I loved it during Kaufman's profanity laced tirade on Letterman when he turned to the audience to give a heartfelt apology for using bad language, but then quickly turned to Lawler and shouted: "But you're a "f***'ing a**hole!!!"