Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ex-CIA Head: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ if ISIS Attacks the U.S. This July 4th

Forget about the Confederate flag, what about false flags?

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin last Friday warning of heightened concerns over potential terrorist attacks during the holiday weekend. ABC News reported that the bulletin said July 4th could appear to extremists to defame the Prophet Muhammad and would “likely result in threats or plans to conduct violent extremist acts.” The bulletin also warned government and military officials to be cautious of their social media posts over the weekend.
Former CIA Deputy Director Morell told CBS’ This Morning that while such warnings go out routinely, ”there’s nothing routine about this particular one to me.”


  1. I was in Belgium the day after 9/11. A Florida woman who lived in the same complex as the supposed bombers was being interviewed right after the event... She said 'they were such nice men, and they had Israeli friends. But we all knew there was something wrong - there were CIA types all over the place for the last month or so. We knew something was 'UP'.

    I am paraphrasing the little old Jewish lady... but here words disappeared within days. Ditto for the message service youngster whose boss told him to stay clear of the Trade Center that day... and ditto for the story of the Israeli moving company truck parked across the river in Jersey .. with Israelis holding up a lighter... seeming to light the trade center buildings on fire AS THEY PLANES HIT>

    All of these stories were reported right after the event.... and then NOTHING.... GONE... never happened. This is an evil evil time in our great history. Evil men and woman are holding the reins of power... and manufacturing events to mold public opinion in favor of wars they want us to support.

    I tried to comment on pages like these back then.... and my words were erased. My how things have changed.

  2. Totally agree: "... manufacturing events to mold public opinion in favor of wars they want us to support." Furthermore, if terrorists reside in the US, it's because the corrupt US government wants them here, brought them here, and/or allowed them to enter the US, and supports them after they get here.