Friday, May 15, 2015

The Bionic Mosquito Draws Bleeding Heart Blood

By David Gordon

The Bionic Mosquito has often defended libertarianism against those who claim to be libertarians but in fact betray libertarian principles. In the style and verve with which he sets about this task, he is a worthy successor to H.L.Mencken.  I have often praised him for this, but I was astonished by a post of his today, which reveals the extent of his campaign. Like the Lord High Executioner in The Mikado, he can say, “I’ve got a little list.” Among his targets are the Cato Institute, Reason, assorted Bleeding Heart Libertarians, Mark Skousen, Jeff Tucker, and David Boaz. To those who say that his take-no-prisoners style will ensure that his enemies pay him no attention, he responds that he has no interest in the futile work of converting them. He is writing for the public. He does so magnificently. Like the main character in Ibsen’s Brand, he says, ‘The devil is compromise.”

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  1. What a magnificent endorsement from Professor Gordon, aka. 'The Assassin'.

  2. I never understand why the NAP is not enough. We've managed to alienate all of the evangelicals because we're afraid to seen as unhip and afraid to tell them we are not "socially liberal" per se. If you like your lifestyle, you can keep your lifestyle. You just can't do the violence and you can't lie in commerce. Why complicate a simple message?

  3. "We've managed to alienate all of the evangelicals because we're afraid to seen as unhip and afraid to tell them we are not "socially liberal" per se. "

    I don't think evangelicals are alienated from the libertarian movement because we're unafraid to tell them we are not per se socially liberal.

    The fact is that evangelicals have certain beliefs that make them more likely to support government intervention than not. For example, evangelicals typically believe that the creator of the universe destroys cities when its inhabitants sin (Sodom & Gomorrah). This makes it very attractive to want to regulate non-crimes like sex (sodomy) or psychedelic drugs.

    Furthermore, evangelicals maintain a belief in certain eschatological ideas that make it more likely that they will want to meddle in the affairs of the Middle East. They have certain self-fulfilling ideas about Israel, for example.

    1. There is also the 501(c)3 tax exemption offered by the gov't to churches and an emphasis on a certain interpretation of Romans 13. Both tend to militate against questioning the gov't, particularly from the pulpit. Chuck Baldwin does excellent analyses of these issues in the Christian community.