Friday, May 8, 2015

New Attack Ad Against Rand Paul, Brutal But....


This is running in Iowa.


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  1. Rand Pauls is fast becoming a Billy Carter like figure who is defaming, and corrupting the legacy of his father Ron Paul, as he bumbles his way through this campaign like a southern rube who drinks his "Billy Beer" out behind the local liquor store. He is an SNL style cartoonish politician who ran headlong into the brick wall of his own limited ability, but refuses to see the light and just go away, because he is at heart a narcissist.

    I have always believed that Rand was foisted on the American public as a crude propaganda devise to utterly destroy his own fathers advocacy of liberty, and the Paul name by extension. The first clue was the number of people that surrounded both father, and son over the last eight years who were veiled neocons that detested the grass roots, and liberty in general. The most depressing part is that the plan has worked to perfection.

    Billy Carter was the infamous younger brother of president Carter who spoke his mind, and was not afraid to embarrass his older brother by endorsing "Billy Beer" to that segment of the American public that enjoyed his southern comfort style of truthiness. Billy Carter was like nails on a chalk board, that abraded the thin wall of pervasive calm that Carter had manufactured around his persona.