Thursday, May 7, 2015

Harry S. Truman, an "Unmitigated Disaster for Freedom"

By Jason Peirce

Harry S. Truman, the 33rd President of the United States (1945-1953), is believed to have said “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.” Well, tomorrow  is May 8, Truman’s birthday, so let’s take the opportunity to allow Murray Rothbard to teach us something “new” about Truman’s history. Why? Because clearly many Americans don’t know that Truman’s history -- the “quintessence of evil” – was an “unmitigated disaster for freedom.” This includes the “scholars” at the American Political Science Association (APSA), who this year ranked Truman the 7th best President in U.S. history. Such a high ranking speaks volumes about the sad and sorry state of the U.S. intelligentsia and its complete disregard for liberty, peace, and prosperity.

The truth is that “Give ‘em hell Harry” had a lot of hell to give. And unfortunately, the buck did not stop with him. The statist buck knife – sharpened by Truman -- is still tearing through the American people to this day. Here’s Rothbard covering Truman’s historical legacy, from way back in 1973 (from “The Apotheosis of Harry” in The Libertarian Forum, Vol IV #11): 

“In point of fact, there was scarcely a single act committed by President Truman that was not the quintessence of evil; the Truman administration was an unmitigated disaster for freedom, both at home and abroad. It was Harry Truman who launched and then institutionalized the Cold War; it was Harry Truman who fastened the military-industrial complex and the garrison state upon America. It was Harry Truman who institutionalized government budgets that were gigantic by any peacetime criteria in the history of the country. It was Truman who carved out the policy of permanent counter-revolutionary suppression of radical movements in the Third World: from Greece to Iran to the Middle East. It was Truman who put America permanently in Asia as the world “policeman” by his unconstitutional act of entering the Korean civil conflict. It was Truman who, in short, first boldly took us into war without so much as requesting a declaration of war from Congress (in Korea), and thereby cemented the absolute despotism of the Chief Executive in foreign affairs in an act far beyond anything which Franklin Roosevelt had ever contemplated. It was Truman who induced the United Nations to seize Arab lands on behalf of the new state of Israel.

It was Truman, furthermore, who took us in a giant leap toward domestic collectivism and bureaucratic socialism, with his Fair Deal program, a program that later bore fruit in federal aid to education, Medicare, and compulsory integration. It was Truman who instituted price and wage controls during the Korean conflict, and whose “state of emergency” has continued ever since, to account for a raft of domestic despotism. It was Truman, moreover, who severely repressed civil liberties with his loyalty and security programs; not Joe McCarthy but Harry Truman was the real and effective opponent of civil liberties during the late 1940’ s and early fifties. Consider the unfortunate hacks whom Truman appointed to the Supreme Court: every one a defender of government prerogatives in every area as against the liberty of the individual. Look around at the Truman record, and there is scarcely a single area that one can observe without indignation; his administration was truly a cornucopia of horrors.

Last but not least, there was the Truman act of mass murder of innocent civilians at Hiroshima, compounded by Nagasaki. His decision to drop the atomic bomb for the first and let us hope the last times, was done for “reasons of State” as a counter in the emerging Cold War. Not only was it totally unnecessary as a measure to defeat Japan, but what is more Truman knew full well that it was unnecessary. In the long and bloody record of shame in American foreign policy, there is no single act of degradation that can compare with this.
In face of the ghastly Truman record, we cannot remain silent in obedience to the polite canon that one must not speak ill of the dead. If we cannot speak ill of the dead, where is the justice that only the historian can bring to the record of the past? The great classical liberal historian Lord Acton once wrote that the muse of the historian must not be Clio, as blood. And in the case of Harry S. Truman, there is O so much blood to avenge.”

Now, how’d the APSA miss this much of Truman’s history? Well, they couldn’t have. They’re just all for this statist, liberty-assaulting, Truman “the butcher of Asia” type-stuff (as Zora Neale Hurston so eloquently put it). Indeed, the top-ten is statist-forward with Lincoln (1), FDR (3), Teddy Roosevelt (4), Truman (6) and Woodrow Wilson (10). Here’s the list courtesy of The Washington Post

The greater point is that Americans can ill-afford to have American history distorted and controlled by court intellectuals and state apologists such as the APSA and the mainstream media which reported and celebrated these rankings back on President’s Day, 2015. Why? Because as George Orwell wrote: “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” Truman himself understood such sensibilities, as he once uttered: “If you can’t convince them, confuse them.”

It's high time we learn our history so as not to be confused or controlled, is it not?


  1. I remember my mom helping me tie my shoes for kindergarten and she said "General Eisenhower is our new president". I see why that made her so happy.

  2. Truman infused anabolic steroids into a pre-existing policy of inserting the U.S. military, by force into Central America under the Monroe Doctrine. By 1947 Truman's directives had metastasized into the Military Industrial Complex, and National Security State guided by the newly created CIA. Since the spring of 1945 all sense of moral decency and political efficacy has been snuffed out, and replaced by a lumbering moral degenerate in a blood caked uniform. The degenerate state that Truman built has treated it's victims in the same manner as a roid rage wife beater, because it only knows forcibly induced submission under pain of death. Even when the victim submits to the United States military it ends up with the slobbering aggressors blood soaked maw around it's neck because the victim must know who decides when it is allowed to get up off the floor.

  3. You have a way with words switchblade:) By many accounts Truman grew dismayed with the CIA and his role in expanding the state. Way too little, way too late. The US best change course. You'd think someone in DC might question how we would feel if other nations treated us the way we treat them.

    1. That requires a moral compass. I'm quite confident in asserting that the powers that be have none.

    2. I share your confidence iakobos