Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chris Cantwell Pulls His Gun

Chris Cantwell pulled a gun on the gritty streets of Keene, New Hampshire.

There is a bit of libertarian policing going on here.

I personally don't get involved in the confrontations of others unless it is clear that a major league violation of the non-aggression principle is going on (SEE: Wenzel Stops Attack By 3 Black Girls On Asian Girl) and I think there is something I can actually do about it. I probably wouldn't have interfered in what Chris got himself involved in, which appeared to be just a yelling screaming match.

If I got involved in every yelling and screaming match on the streets of SF that I passed by on a daily basis, I wouldn't have anytime to blog. This is one insane city. That said, I am sure it is much different in Keene and Chris was simply recording an event that he didn't understand and could have well been serious.

There are a few things to note in the video below: First, cell phone video devices are just great. They make clear, in most cases, what is really going on. Second, Chris was grateful to the coppers, and this might have been a tactical move, but he stopped the confrontation, long before the coppers arrived, by pulling his gun.


(ht Travis Holte)

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  1. I always get a kick out of Chris Cantwell and his Hunter Thompson type hijinks.