Sunday, April 12, 2015

VIDEO Hillary Officially Enters the Presidential Race

Well, she has the pros behind her. She knows how to package severe government interventionism. Much better propaganda than I have seen from any of the Republican candidates.  -RW


Hillary's web site.


  1. Respectfully disagree; it's a terrible ad. Predictable and formulaic, as the movie reviewers would say. Women? Check. Hispanics? Check. Blacks? Check? Asians? Check. Gays of both sexes? Check. I will admit the inclusion of the family business and the absence of the union work is interesting. But then again the union vote is in the bag, whether the union workers actually vote in person or not.

    Hillary's presence in the ad creates jarring discontinuity. Her Royal Highness is claiming to be The People's Champion, but did any of these plucky, can-do people ask for a Tribune to protect the Public Interest against the patricians? Not that I noticed. She comes across as irrelevant; an afterthought. You could almost hear the Madison Avenuers saying to themselves: "Gosh, guys, this evil witch is paying us for the ad, so we've just got to stick her in here somewhere..." I did, however, like the covert reference to Bubba as the garbage-eating dog....

    1. Good observations. I can imagine someone watching the ad and nodding along until Hillary's ugly mug appears. "Eeeew", they say, "What's that old hag doing in this video?".

      Hillary's ugliness and her inability to speak publicly will doom her run. The fact that RF'ers in her own party system have been mobilized to out her criminal email activities is a good indication to me that she's just being allowed to run for the cash payout a failed candidacy can bring.

  2. Finally! The Middle Class champion we've been waiting for! Ugh