Saturday, April 18, 2015

Top Ron Paul Supporters Distance Themselves From Rand

The split between hardcore Ron Paul supporters and Rand Paul is getting serious. In a post at the Popular Liberty Forum titled, "My Thoughts On Rand Paul And His Political Strategy For 2016,"  Trevor Lyman, who invented the money bomb, which was so successful in raising money for Ron Paul and signalling the power of Ron's grassroots strength, wrote:
For what it's worth...

I like Rand Paul and I hope he wins the 2016 elections (unless a better liberty candidate somehow emerges), but he wants to play the game and I don't. It's really as simple as that for me. I'm not changing who I am to adapt to politics. The whole reason I got into politics was because I thought it was the political system that needed changing, and that compromising politicians weren't doing us any favors (to put it mildly).

So while I hope Rand Paul will win (I guess that is an endorsement) I can't take any action in support of his campaign. The path he has taken is just not possible for me to follow.

My path is to support truly principled politicians and educators. I'm all about getting behind people who are great educators and helping to expand their voices and reach.

I like politics because this is where all of the eyeballs are and so this is where the greatest educational opportunities are. I think even anarchists should care about politics, as Ron Paul (through his Presidential campaign) probably created more anarchists than any other person alive today.

I will say there is always the chance I could change my mind and become motivated to get behind Rand Paul's campaign, but something extraordinary would have to happen between now and then.
This is simply jaw dropping from an activist who values political activity.

Lyman added in a comment:
No one is talking about "giving up", just not going in this particular direction.
Lyman's thoughts were followed by comment section posts from Michael Nystrom, who was founder of Daily Paul, which he just shutdown. He wrote:
Plus we both know he's a scoundrel
That's the main reason I can't be bothered to lift a finger for him.
Not a single click. Not even for a single 'like' can that finger be bothered to be lifted.
Rand Paul is doing his thing, but I wouldn't trust him further than I could throw him.
Personally I think he's desperate for power and that is why we see all the flip-floppery, the straining for a message that will catch. People think that deep down, he's a clone of his dad, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure what he wants to do with that power.


  1. I've tried to tell people that Rand is not a libertarian. They want to get behind someone.

    1. yes its like being at the racetrack. get everyone revved up, ply them with errm stimulants and watch them plunk their money down while they watch the candidates hurtle toward the finish , frothing at the mouth. repeat for the next race.

  2. As outspoken as Ron Paul has always been, one has to assume that he has to bite his tongue a lot when asked about Rand Paul's questionable politics.

  3. "Not a single click. Not even for a single 'like' can that finger be bothered to be lifted." Brilliant!