Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rand Polling Third in New Hampshire

The latest survey results for the Republican primary for President in New Hampshire, by Public Policy Polling, which I have long considered among the top polling outfits,  has Scott Walkeri in a tier by himself- 24% of voters say he's their top choice to 14% for Ted Cruz, 12% for Rand Paul, 10% for Jeb Bush, 8% each for Marco Rubio and Chris Christie, 7% each for Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson, and 4% for Rick Perry.

Notes PPP:
Walker is easily the best liked of the potential GOP contenders in New Hampshire. 57% of voters have a favorable opinion of him to only 13% with a negative one. Walker's strength lies in his ability to appeal to the different ideological factions within the Republican electorate- he leads with voters identifying themselves as moderates, 'somewhat conservative,' and 'very conservative' alike. Walker's strength certainly grows as voters get more conservative though- he is polling at 37% with those identifying themselves as 'very conservative.' When PPP last polled the primary in New Hampshire last January Walker was at only 3%.
Cruz and Paul may be in the 2nd and 3rd spots right now at least partially thanks to the momentum they got out of their early candidacy announcements. While Walker is the top choice of the voters in the furthest right segment of the Republican electorate, Cruz is a very clear second with no one else in the same league as them. Paul's support base is more ideologically diverse. Paul and Cruz join Walker as the only potential hopefuls with greater than 50% favorability ratings.

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