Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pin The Tail On The Aggressor

By Chris Rossini

Here's an interesting graph:

On 9/11, were most of the hijackers Saudis or Iranians?

On 9/11, citizens of only 1 muslim country spontaneously held a candlelight vigil after the attacks. Which country? Here's a hint: not Saudi Arabia.

Which of the two countries are cozy with Al Qaeda? Well, since Sunni Al Qaeda despises Iranian Shiites, we know it can't be Iran.

Which country unintentionally helped in the creation of ISIS? Hint: Not Iran.

Which of the two countries has attacked Yemen, even though it was not attacked by Yemen? Which country has received carte blanche to act out aggressively?

Ok...Now for the important questions.

Of the two countries, which leaders refuse to genuflect to the hegemony of the U.S. government?

Consequently, which does the U.S. government want everyone in the world to be afraid of?


  1. I belong to a family of pretty damn smart people. My friends are all pretty smart. Some are right-wing, most are left-wing. And aside from my poor girlfriend, who must bear the brunt of my daily rants, every ONE of them thinks our real enemies are Russia and Iran. Propaganda saturation-style. Seems to work (sigh).

  2. Iran last invaded another country in 1798, and since that time the U.S. government has attacked countless countries while the Roman Goddess of War, Minerva resided on the dome of the capitol. Since 1798 Minerva has dictated the Constitution, Minerva has appeared on the Congressional Medal of Honor, and the reincarnated Roman Capitolium Temple District was created to honor Minerva.

    Our founding fathers created a new Roman Capitolium to conjure a nation built on war and usurious debt owed to the black earth beneath their feet in the temple district. The site they chose for this new Roman temple district was chosen with great care because of its predecessor's success in the City of London, and the City of Rome. These three capitols share an ancient set of prerequisites enshrined around 500BC by the Etruscans. The three prerequisites were a great river running through the city, marsh land that was neither land nor water, and eyots, or small river islands. These three elements had their own sacred and unique power, and their goddesses were joined to them in ancient lore. Washington was chosen because it was a mosquito infested swamp, not in spite of it.

    Iran will fully submit to the demands of the Capitolium or it will suffer the fate of all its predecessors on the blood soaked list of Minerva's sacrificial victims.

    If you are curious about Minerva's connection to the United States look up the following items on Google images and see for your self. The following items are a very small sample of what I have researched over the past 13 months

    Minerva on a gold gilded plate (sixth image from the left) 3067 x 2358

    Minerva on the US capitol dome (eighth image from the left) 1700 x 2473

    Minerva dictating the constitution to young America under search tools use large images
    (first image on the left) 1600 x 807 This relief is in the hall of the Supreme Court

    Minerva and the Apotheosis of George Washington under search tools use large images
    (second and third images from the left) 3008 x 2000, and the close up 1000 x 877

    Minerva on the Congressional Medal of Honor under search tools use large images
    (second image from the left) 1600 x 1742

    U.S. capitol owl under search tools use large images
    (second image from the left) 1300 x 809 The sacred owl of Minerva surrounds the U.S capitol building, and the U.S. Capitol Mall is the sacred owls totem.

    commemorative coin of the Pan Pacific Exposition 1915 San Francisco mint under search tools use large images (fifth image from the left) 2200 x 1104

    Paul Revere's Stamp Act Cartoon under search tools use large images
    (fourth image from the left) 1000 x 800 Minerva is wielding her sword in the sky above

    America Triumphant and Britannia in Distress under search tools use large images
    (first on the left side) 1105 x 927 Minerva is on the right, holding the American flag which is pirated from the English East India Trading Company flag with it's 13 red and white horizontal stripes

    Capitolium-Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus under search tools use large images
    (second image from the left) 1280 x 960 This image is a model of the temple district before it was burned in in 69BC, but the architecture should look familiar

    1. Thank you for this interesting post, Switchblade.

  3. The U.S. is a serial killer acting out it's final psychotic frenzy, and Iran will be one of its final tragic victims.

  4. Nah, I think the Iranians, Russians, and Chinese successfully and near-painlessly resist and deflect the U.S.' war-mongering efforts. To wit, the Iranians capturing our most sophisticated drone and the Russians disabling our most sophisticated warship in the Black Sea,

    May the Pentagon forces of light soon disarm the Pentagon forces of darkness, and then take down the rest of the shadow government!