Friday, April 10, 2015

Obama's Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy Is Latest Attack on Liberty

By Shane Kastler

Dictators come in all shapes and sizes.....and political parties. Dictators are marked by many things, but chiefly a desire to tell you how to run your life. To tell you what you can and cannot do. And what you can and cannot THINK. Then apprehend political power in such a way that they can make laws to punish any who disagree with them. This is a dictator and both Republicans and Democrats have them in spades.

Barack Obama, for all of his feel-good, hope and change, mantra is a classic dictator. Forcing his will on the unwilling; issuing executive orders at a blinding clip; and calling for government intervention and take over regarding a plethora of issues both big and small. The latest stunt by King Obama comes with calling for a nationwide BAN on “gay conversion therapy.” If you are gay then you probably applaud the ban; but you shouldn't. No government should have the right to tell a counselor, psychiatrist, pastor, or any other citizen for that matter, what they are legally required to believe about homosexuality. Even gays should be leery of the government desiring to punish those you oppose today. Because a different government with a different dictator might pass laws to punish you tomorrow.

Obama's plan is a clear violation of religious liberty, because many religious people believe homosexuality is abnormal and counseling can be productive. Obama says these religious people are homophobic bigots who should be outlawed for trying to help someone struggling with gayness. Obama says he has scientific evidence to prove he is right. Therefore, none should be allowed to question him. This is a scary, power grab attack on anyone who loves liberty. What if I have scientific evidence to prove government BANS themselves are counter-productive? Can I get my law passed? What if I have scientific evidence to prove politicians make things worse instead of better? Can I ban politicians?

Should you be allowed to have your own opinions on homosexuality? Should others who oppose you be allowed to have their opinions too? Should either side be “BANNED”? Not in a free society where opposing views can co-exist. But America is clearly not a free society; it is a dictatorship. Where too many people say, “if you disagree with my view then your views should be BANNED!” Which is really saying, “if you disagree with my views then your THOUGHTS should be BANNED!” The thought police are here in force ready to punish any who even THINK differently from what Obama decrees. He says “gay is good” and by gosh you better believe “gay is good” or face prosecution.

Seig Heil Barack!

Obama is also shamelessly playing upon the emotions of a suicide victim to win public support for his proposed decree. Leelah Alcorn, a 17 year old “transgender” youth threw himself/herself into the path of a semi truck after writing a suicide note decrying his/her parents (and a Christian counselor's) attempts to get him/her to go back to being a male. Which, by the way, he was. Let me be frank; this suicide is a tragedy as all suicides are. I mourn anytime I hear of a person taking their life. There are other options and people who wish to help. In fact I suspect the parents and the religious counselor wanted to help. But sadly, a life was lost. And now, all other Christians who seek to help a homosexual should be BANNED by the government?!?! That is a preposterous thought, but it appears to be Obama's position.  This is a scary country you live in people. Because many of you reading this will immediately agree with the BAN because of this genuinely sad story of an obviously confused young person taking his/her life.

I wonder if Obama has ever considered the myriads of homosexuals who have never had “gay conversion therapy” yet still took their life? Maybe we should ban homosexuality instead. Maybe the poor victims are actually riddled with guilt by taking their bodies and doing things that the human body clearly wasn't designed to do. Mixing reproductive organs with digestive organs can destroy a human body. But the sodomist will hear nothing of it and if you try to warn them you might get arrested. Your helpful counsel might be seen as “gay conversion therapy” and an Obama goon might soon knock on your door.

Obviously as a Bible-believing Christian I have strong views on homosexuality and don't blush in the least when pointing out that it is not only physically destructive behavior, but spiritually sinful behavior as well. But my point in this article is not to convince the world of this, but rather to simply defend my right to believe whatever I want on this issue and all others. AND, defend the right of the homosexual to vociferously disagree with me. Neither the homosexual nor I need the government to step in and BAN the other's view.

Obama is a dictator and religious liberty means nothing to one who feels he has public opinion, moral superiority, and bogus science in his corner. Throw in a sad story of a martyr or two for the cause and King Obama feels empowered to issue any decree he wishes. And if not him, then count on a nice “conservative” Republican like Chris Christie to squelch you as well. I recently wrote in opposition to the New Jersey Governor's BANNING of “gay conversion therapy” in his state. The left cheered, the right snoozed, the lovers of liberty warned, the masses politely applauded. This, my friends, is why America is doomed.

Obama hopes that “gay conversion therapy” will be BANNED in all 50 states. Apparently its akin to murder in his book. He has spoken. We're to submit. But I'm not submitting. His next step will be to deny a state license to any psychologist or psychiatrist who believes homosexuality is abnormal. Which is a clear example of the government persecuting a professional for their belief; some of whom are religious professionals. Which means you have American citizens being persecuted by state and federal governments for their religious beliefs. Think about it. You can't make a living as a Christian counselor in New Jersey unless you jettison what you believe about God and embrace what the state tells you! Does that sound like a free country to you?

As a Christian I bemoan this because it is just another rock Obama has thrown at that “wall of separation” between church and state. Though many on the right don't realize the importance of it; we really do WANT a wall of protection from the state. The state should not be allowed to tell the church what they can and can't believe. But they do. All the time. As a Christian I would politely encourage the President to keep his nose out of the counselor's office and let the people who are actually involved in the situation decide what they want to do. As a Christian I see this as a blatant attack on religious liberty.

But even more than this, as a lover of liberty I see this as yet another power grab where a government hack deems himself allowed to BAN what others think, believe, and do. You don't have to be religious to oppose such dictatorial practices. You must simply love freedom. NOT JUST FOR YOURSELF! But for all. Even for those who disagree with you. Live and let live. Or maybe, to Obama, I should say Live and LET US LIVE as we please. If you want to BAN something so bad, maybe you should issue an executive order that BANS all government officials from ever BANNING anything again. Just leave us alone and let us live. And though tragedies will still happen and disagreements will always exist. At least we can work these out in freedom without government goons telling us all what we can do; how we can think; and what we can believe. How about a BAN on BANNING! Now that's a thought that might excite me.

Shane Kastler is Pastor at the Heritage Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA and Co-Host; "Church & State" KELB Radio, 100.5 FM. He blogs at The Narrow Road.

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