Sunday, April 5, 2015

Note to Tom Fitzgerald: Same Sex Marriage Is Not a Libertarian Issue

Thomas Fitzgerald, Philadelphisa Inquirer Writer writes:
Rand Paul has disappointed some libertarians with departures from orthodoxy they see as pandering to mainstream Republicans. Paul, for instance, is opposed to same-sex marriage and abortion rights (though he says these matters should be decided by the states), and he recently supported a GOP measure to increase the defense budget.
 Fitzgerald is correct in stating that Rand is losing libertarian votes (because of his split-political personality). An increase in the defense budget of the Empire is certainly anti-libertarian, BUT libertarians are not in favor of government sanctioned same sex marriage or any other types of marriage.  They believe that the government should stay out of the marriage business in its entirety. From a libertarian perspective, it should be a private sector event, where discrimination can take place and where a church can forbid certain types of marriages from taking place among its congregation.


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