Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mitch McConnell Just Threw Rand Under the Bus: Rand Who?

Photo via Politco

This really doesn't surprise me. Rand made a big mistake working with establishment crony Mitch McConnell in the first place.

In a Politico story titled: Mitch McConnell-Rand Paul alliance has its limits, Politico reports that McConnell will not be at Rand's official announcement next week,when Rand announces he will seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Says Politico:
Republicans from all across Kentucky will be in the audience next week when Sen. Rand Paul announces his presidential run in Louisville — with one big exception.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has endorsed Paul’s national bid. But there are official endorsements and then there are endorsements with all the accouterments — fundraising help, stops on the campaign trail, leaning on fellow pols to get on board — and McConnell’s imprimatur is decidedly in the former category.

In the latest twist in a relationship between two politicians who in many respects are polar opposites, the Republican leader won’t be on hand for his junior senator’s White House campaign kickoff.
McConnell says he doesn't want to play favorites? WTF? I would have loved to see McConnell's reaction if Rand had said that when Matt Bevin ran against McConnell.

And Politico underlined that McConnell has no plans to help Rand raise money either:
McConnell doesn’t plan to attend fundraisers for Paul — at least for the moment.
It appears Rand just got outplayed.

Remember this?


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  1. This ongoing saga shows Rand's ineptitude at politics. For example, Rand is out there selling out put but getting 'paid' in support. The neoconservatives hate him, the gays now hate him, a day his constant attempts to work both sides of issues leaves him looking like he has a split personality.