Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Dare Rand Paul to Wear This in Public

Rand Paul's social media consultant, Vincent Harris, told Politico how to win Rand over:
The Meerkat Guy, whose name is Ryan Cooley, has popped in to make the case that the new, Twitter-based video-streaming application could be useful to digital politics shops like Harris Media, which has amassed a marquee roster of conservative clients, from Sarah Palin to Rand Paul, and established itself as the buzziest GOP firm of the cycle. Cooley is wearing a bright yellow T-shirt with a cartoon of the friendly-looking African mongoose. Harris leads him into his office, closes the door, and minutes later, the two are furiously meerkatting—a verb that did not exist a few weeks prior and, given Twitter’s recent purchase of Meerkat competitor Periscope, one that may rapidly fade from the vernacular. 
For the moment, at least, the Meerkat Guy is the purveyor of cutting-edge coolness, and Harris doesn’t hide his excitement over the clever app. He tells the Meerkat Guy that he wants his client Rand Paul to be the first presidential contender to use it; Harris is so bullish on the Kentucky senator that, last November, he ditched Senator Ted Cruz, the client who put him on the map, to work for the rival campaign—and he knows exactly how to help win over Paul, who also attended Baylor University, to an untested new tool: “Can you bring him a shirt? That would help,” Harris says. “Rand loves shirts.” 
Harris then begins texting an adviser to Benjamin Netanyahu.
So let's see if this really works. Rand wore this when he was in Netanyahu country:

I just ordered this from the Mises Institute and had it sent to Rand at his Senate office:



  1. A couple of years ago, I was at a testing lab in California. I'm strolling along proudly wearing my "Enemy of the State" tee, when some guy I pass shouts: "Hey, that's Murray Rothbard!!!"
    The remnant: it's out there....

  2. Murray Rothbard would corrupt "Brand Paul".

  3. I travel regularly and always wear my Murray Rothbard shirt when I do in the off chance that someone will recognize him and say something to me.

    So far nothing, but I'll keep trying.

  4. I have to buy one of these Rothbard´s shirts!!!

  5. Well, I would buy him a comb if I thought he would learn how to use it. ;-)