Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Finger-In-The-Wind Hillary on Coppers

By Chris Rossini

Progressives, Neocons and Keynesians all share a common pattern of behavior. First, they take the world as it is and screw things up with their ideas. Then, after the screw up, they turn around and pose as the saviors to the problems that they've created.

This behavior seems to be on a perpetual cycle of rinse and repeat. Hillary Clinton has made a long career of the process.

Here's finger-in-the-wind Hillary today:

Then there's the former "First Lady" Hillary Clinton, back in 1994 on her husband's "crime bill":
The sad truth is that, unfortunately, there are those who would rather talk about fighting crime than actually give you the tools that you can use to fight crime...Because this crime bill will make a difference in your lives as police officers and in the lives of the communities you serve.

There will be more police on the street, a hundred thousand more police officers, with flexibility given to local communities to determine how best to use them...

We will also finally understand that fighting crime is not just a question of punishment, although there are many dollars in the crime bill to build more prisons...
Hillary went from flooding the streets with coppers and "many dollars in the crime bill to build more prisons" to now calling for an "end to mass incarceration".

Rinse and repeat.

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