Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Did David Koch Speak Out of Turn and Accidentally Rile Up Jeb Bush?

Yesterday, NYT reported that the Koch brothers planned to support Scott Walker for the presidency, possibly with personal donations. NYT's evidence was a comment made Monday by David Koch in New York City at a political fund-raising event:
“When the primaries are over and Scott Walker gets the nomination,” Mr. Koch told the crowd, the billionaire brothers would support him, according to a spokeswoman. 
The co-multi-billionaire is walking back the comment.

In response to the report, DK said in a statement to Politico’s Ken Vogel: “While I think Gov. Walker is terrific … I am not endorsing or supporting any candidate for President at this point.”

Politico is also reporting that Walker, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, along with Jeb Bush will be invited to the Kochs’ summer conference. Rick Perry or Bobby Jindal, may also get invitations, said the magazine.

The headline to the Politico DK walk-back story is telling: "Koch brothers will offer audition to Jeb Bush."

The story goes on to say:
In another surprise, a top Koch aide revealed to POLITICO that Jeb Bush will be given a chance to audition for the brothers’ support, despite initial skepticism about him at the top of the Kochs’ growing political behemoth...Bush is getting a second look because so many Koch supporters think he looks like a winner.
Looks like the Jeb camp was not particularly happy with the Walker support comment, and when all is said and done the brothers never want to irritate people who have the potential to gain power from the Republican side. They are, afterall, Republicans first.


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