Monday, April 6, 2015

BREAKING Did Harry Reid's Brother Beat Him Up?

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid

FITSNEWS reports:
According to Democratic leader Harry Reid – who recently announced his impending retirement from the U.S. Senate – the severe facial injuries (and broken ribs) he suffered on New Year’s Day were due to an exercise accident involving a resistance band.

“The band broke, and it catapulted me backwards onto one side,” Reid explained at the time. “I crashed into a series of cabinets we have and, fortunately, it missed my temple by just a little tiny bit and it hit me on my right eye and it broke a number of bones around my eye and broke four ribs.”

Is that really what happened, though? 
Larry Reid

A number of conspiracy theories have emerged related to Reid’s accident – which is finally beginning to receive some scrutiny from the mainstream media.

One national blogger who has been exploring the Reid saga is John Hinderaker of the PowerLine Blog.  In his latest installment, Hinderaker offers an interesting counter-narrative for Reid’s injuries – an alleged fight between the powerful leader and his brother, Larry Reid.

According to the website, Larry Reid showed up at an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting on New Year’s Eve in Henderson, Nevada.  He allegedly had “blood on his clothing” and a “swollen left hand.”  He told attendees that he’d been in a fight with a family member – and was afraid the Secret Service was coming to get him.
Here is the best observation from the piece:
One attendee at the meeting even told his story to a local television station – but was told the station wasn’t interested.
Hmmmmm …
Like that local station, we’re not especially interested in what happened to Harry Reid on New Year’s Eve/ Day, either … although it’s interesting how quickly and dutifully the mainstream media accepted the Senator’s version of events regarding the injuries he sustained.

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  1. For what it's worth, it appears the picture posted here was a mug shot from when Larry Reid was arrested in February after getting into an altercation with a cop during a DUI stop. Doesn't mean he didn't pound his brother and get a swollen hand a month before.

    1. "Doesn't mean he didn't pound his brother and get a swollen hand a month before."

      Yep, that's true. It also shows he has a propensity towards ass kicking(or getting his ass kicked, take your pick).

      Anyway, the response from the Harry Reid's spokesman was a cryptic non-denial:

  2. It's hard to believe, but apparently Reid was an ass kicker and liked to fight back in the day:

    The picture of him in a boxing ring makes this whole story even more believable to me.