Friday, April 17, 2015

As Hillary's Chariot Horses Gallop Through Gas Stations & Chipotle's...

By Chris Rossini

....let's everyone keep an eye on the ball.

It's bamboozle the public season, and Hillary is saying she's the champion of the middle class.

By far, the greatest destroyers of the middle class are government's choking regulations, Federal Reserve inflation, and war.

When it comes to government regulations, it goes without saying where Hillary stands. She's as interventionist as they come. Under her reign, there will be more "rights" popping up than we can keep track of.

Strike one against the middle class!

When it comes to Federal Reserve inflation, we need look no further than Hillary's largest donors. She's a bankster tool without any doubt. Oh sure, she'll criticize campaign donations and hedge-fund managers, but those are just words. Remember, it's bamboozle season.

Strike two!

So with government regulation, and Fed inflation sewn up, where is Hillary on The Empire? Well, Ron Paul & Daniel McAdams covered her sorry history, and so did David Stockman.

We can also rewind back to 2008, when Slick Willie described his wife's relationship with Grand Neocon Poobah John McCain (who is seeking yet another term by the way):
"She and John McCain are very close...They always laugh that if they wound up being the nominees of their party, it would be the most civilized election in American history, and they're afraid they'd put the voters to sleep because they like and respect each other."
I'm very sorry middle class...but that's a big Strike Three!

What's really scary is if all three of those middle class destroyers ramp up at the same time.

What if there's the possibility of engaging in a MAJOR war, which is the ultimate and most deadly "government program"? Who finances such things? If you guessed Federal Reserve inflation, you guessed right.

Readers of and The EPJ Daily Alert are well-aware that banksters are starting to warn of another financial crisis. What's the go-to move when that occurs? Federal Reserve inflation once again!

During war & financial crisis, what do President's do? They dive into all of our lives to centrally-plan and micromanage every aspect of them.

Best to think twice about the "middle-class champion" who feels your pain.


  1. It is time for someone to dump some sugar into the chariot's tank.