Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WOW Alex Jones Comes Out in Favor of Ted Cruz

Another indication that Ted Cruz is going to be a problem for Rand. It appears that even Alex Jones has moved a bit into the Cruz Missiles camp.

MoFo writes:
In the past, Alex Jones has been skeptical of Ted Cruz, and critical of his wife’s ties to the Council of Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs.

Last October, Jones declared definitively,“Rand Paul is better than Ted Cruz”.
But after Cruz’s announcement Monday, the Great Wall of Paul around Jones’ heart is starting to give…
Ted Cruz is strong! Ted Cruz is strong, folks!
Ted Cruz has a good voting record in the Senate. He says he’ll try to repeal all this crap. Again, I’m not gullible– getting suckered one more time…but we have fallen so far, it’s just refreshing to hear that stuff.
I don’t think Ted Cruz will save America…I just like what comes out of his mouth!


  1. Not surprising since Infowars is an Israeli outfit and Ted Cruz is a Zionist lapdog. Sheldon Adelson loves Ted Cruz but thinks he's too far "right" aka Statist.

  2. Let's be real, the Alex Jones types have always been like libertarianisms embarrassing crazy uncle.

    1. the patriot types are a mixed bag, that's for sure

  3. I've heard critics of Jones say that he is part of the Bush machine, so it would make sense since Cruz is a Bushy and only in it to help Jeb.

  4. I honestly expect better from Jones, makes me wonder whats going on behind the curtain with him.

  5. How can Alex Jones, who is always in agreement with his anti-war guests, now possibly support an out and out warmonger like Cruz?

  6. If you're among the livestock, does it really matter if you end up with a new farmer or farm manager?