Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Meddlers Are Running Wild

By Chris Rossini

If your passion is messing around with other people's lives, this is the time to work on your craft.

Burger King is dropping soft drinks from kids' meals. Now parents have to be inconvenienced by having to order sodas separately.

McDonald's may be adding kale (!!!) to its menu. That sure to be an instant classic.

And Disney announced that it is banning smoking in all Marvel, Lucas, Pixar, and Disney films.


Crony Disney is making an exception:
Iger said the only exception will be in films which involve historical figures known for smoking.

“For instance, we’ve been doing a movie on Abraham Lincoln, he was a smoker, and we would consider that acceptable," said Iger. “But in terms of any new characters that are created for any of those films, under any of those labels, we will absolutely prohibit smoking in any of those films."
This is Lincoln's that sounds just about right.

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