Friday, March 27, 2015

Rand Paul Calls the Push for Same-Sex Marriage a "Moral Crisis"

Here's Rand seeming to attempt to reach out to the anti-gay Evangelicals and the pro-gays at the same time.


 (via Daily Beast)


  1. It has always bothered me that Rand Paul has a foundation that is made of quicksand yet tries to tell the American people what to think, and how to live. If Mr. Paul is concerned with morals he should spend some time reflecting on who is putting words in his mouth, and what the true price is for debasing ones self in a hurried grab for power. Can Mr. Paul really look in the mirror and not realize he has become nothing more than one of Sheldon Adelson countless concubines on capitol hill.

    Rand Paul seemingly has no grasp of history or he would realize that American christian fundamentalists have been on the wrong side of history concerning U.S. involvement in all the wars of the past 60 years. They seem incapable of learning from the past and have only doubled down on their commitment to creating a 21st century Sparta where the military is the hammer of Christ, and the individual is the nail to be crucified in the vain search for a blood soaked Spartan nirvana.

  2. No Rand.....

    The REAL crisis is having government involved in ANY kind of marriage, in ANY way whatsoever in the first place! Government IS a crisis all by itself. It's a parasite. Why the hell aren't you advocating for government getting out of heterosexual marriage? Can't you see that THAT is what destroyed it in the first place?

    People...geez! Open your eyes!