Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rand: Jews May Vote Republican Because Republicans are Stronger Supporters of Netanyahu Than Obama

Salon reports that during  a radio appearance on “Jewish Moments in the Morning":
The senator [Rand Paul] added that tensions in the relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could lead Jews to abandon the Democratic Party.
“I think that should send a message to a lot of American Jewry that really the time to think about who supports Israel is now,” he said.
Yes, it should give us all pause to think who gives a damn and why, about Israeli politics and Middle East feuds in the first place.



  1. Rand, you kiss Israels' ass so much why don't you just give up your US citizenship and join the IDF. I hear they're looking for volunteers. I think they'll also give you citizenship if you volunteer.

    Enough with the fucking Israel worship already! Jews only make up 2% of the population and not all of them are Zionists anyway. But we know who you're really pandering to. The idiot evangelical warmongers who think we're "in the end times". LOL!

  2. If you happen to subscribe to the belief that Jesus is just moments away from returning to earth and that Israel and the Jews play a direct part in his return, then it makes sense to care about Israel and the Middle East.
    Beliefs matter. They inform our actions. The problem is when they are irrational and lack any evidential support.

    1. Yeah it "makes sense" from their point of view but how long has it been since 1948? Almost 70 years? How many decades have to roll by before they realize it's nonsense?