Monday, March 30, 2015

Discrimination -- Now You See It -- Now You Don't

By Chris Rossini

In our mish-mosh society, where "rights" pop up like wildflowers, and government regulations twist and turn what is and isn't acceptable, we have the recent "religious freedom" law that was passed in Indiana. Those who see the law as discrimination, are putting their foot down.

One company that has a problem with the law is Angie's List, and to show its dissatisfaction, the company is nixing plans to build a $40 million headquarters in Indianapolis.

Isn't that interesting....

...and isn't that discrimination?

Apparently Angie's List has the "freedom" to not associate with a state (and its inhabitants) that it doesn't want to associate with. It will instead choose to associate with another state (and its inhabitants). Their discriminatory act will cost many jobs, and is a vengeful move to hurt individuals financially?

Where are all the chants against Angie's List?

Apparently, discrimination that costs jobs, and causes financial hardship, is OK in that case? But what if some of the jobs that are lost would have gone to homosexuals? No one would have stopped Angie's List from hiring all homosexuals and lesbians to build and work in the headquarters. Nope. Not gonna happen.

I've yet to see anyone have a problem with the Angie's List decision. No one has put 2 and 2 together.


Because we don't live in a free society with secure private property rights. Instead, we live in one where groups sway The State like a pendulum. The pendulum favors some, and hurts others. Sometimes discrimination is considered wrong, and sometimes it happens without a word of objection.

A free society, with sound property rights, and a restriction of all aggressive force, would smooth out this madness.


  1. If you saw any video clips regarding the Indiana law, you would have noticed the legislators surrounded by Catholic friars and nuns. What is the Catholic Church's concern in this matter? Catholic priests and deacons in America are currently authorized by the States to officiate at State-recognized marriages, while they simultaneously witness the Sacrament of Matrimony. The concern is that, by being providers of a "service", they will eventually be required to perform same-sex marriages. Does no one understand why we have a First Amendment that recognizes the freedom of religion? It is because the founders wisely recognized that among the people there is wide disagreement about matters of faith and morality. Yet here we have one moral system ("Political Correctness") being forced on all as the only morality allowed by law. Part of the blame for this rests with the churches themselves, since they did not follow church teaching spelled out by revered theologians Augustine and Aquinas (who cautioned against the State enforcing morality), but became willing adjuncts to the State.

  2. Excellent comment but there is another, more statist aspect to Angie's List decision.

    They were in line to receive yet another taxpayer subsidy well north of $10 million, this after millions in subsidies in previous years. Add to this the fact that Angie's List has lost millions of dollars every year of their existence and finally the local government was slightly balking at ponying up the next taxpayer subsidy.

    The slight hesitancy by the local city council is the actual reason this company is making the threat to not build their building. The "religious freedom" law was just a convenient cover for them. For this company, it's all about milking the taxpayer and nothing about "standing up against discrimination".

    Like all other crony statist "capitalists", they are parasites who would wither without the force of The State.

  3. "Have went"???? What is that, Chris? Ebonics?