Monday, February 9, 2015

Did Obama Pull Out Those Merkel Sex Tapes, Again?


Merkel-Hollande mission ends with promise of more talks

A last-ditch effort by Angela Merkel and Fran├žois Hollande to prevent the Ukraine conflict escalating brought an agreement to restart four-way peace talks with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko


At White Hose Press Conference:

Merkel says there have been setbacks on reaching a diplomatic solution with Russia over Ukraine.

Via Reuters:
Merkel says if success is not possible for diplomacy with Russia, Europe and U.S. must explore further options.


  1. That's not the greatest picture...looks like a Vogon.

  2. They tapped her phone, so they have all her naked duckfaced selfies.

    EU was awfully quick to come to Putin's table after the East Ukrainians closed the Debaltsovo pocket. Were they concerned about what might have been found there? And was Putin's ransom too high?