Monday, February 2, 2015

The Super Bowl is Not War

By Robert Wenzel

Now that the Super Bowl is over and my team won (Go Patriots!), I must comment on the continued encroachment of government and the military into the game.

Not only was there a flyover by Air Force Thuunderbird jets, but we had a flag spread across the field at the start by military personnel and we had not one but two national patriotic songs sung at the beginning of the game.

What must be understood about this linkage of the Super Bowl with the government and government trained killers is that it is a scam.  It is sidewalk hustle by creeps.

The Super Bowl game itself is a match up of the most talented, strong willed and best minds in the game of football. We can learn a lot by understanding the year long preparation, perseverance, effort and mental preparedness of those who coached or played in the game.

Anyone, who has come upon adversity at some point in their lives, and surely that applies to all of us, can learn from the example set by most of these extremely driven athletes and coaches. It is a very important part of why so many are drawn to watch the game. It is the fascination, excitement and emotion tugging moments in the game itself. It is a lesson provided by these superior football players that offers a sense of how great accomplishment is achieved.

It is thus no surprise that the con men and hustlers in government attempt to attach themselves to such superior achievement.

In the city of Oakland, California, when emergency personnel respond to a down person on a sidewalk, the first thing they do is attempt to push away from the scene bystanders, including those who initially helped the down person.

You see, the criminal element in Oakland knows that, in the super activity of the emergency moment, pockets can be picked and pocketbooks can be stolen. They need to be kept away.

Something of the same happens at the Super Bowl, but instead of immediate pick pocketing, it is an attempt to steal the goodwill and spotlight of super achievers. But make no  mistake, these lurkers are thugs, just as are the thugs on the streets of Oakland.

For government and government trained killers are about death, destruction and coercion. They are the Hannibal Lecters of our daily experience. They squeeze our wallets, they regulate us, they imprison some of us, kill others and they launch wars.  It is far, far different from what the Super Bowl game itself is about.

At the Super Bowl, itself, of the tens of thousands who attended the game and the hundred million plus who watched on television, not one person was coerced to do so. And though the game was played by big and tough men, not one was killed. It was sport to test the limits of human ability, not designed to end the life of fellow men nor to single out any specific ethnic group as enemy. No one was even tackled in the game, just because that person was a Russian or Muslim.  The game was all about free exchange and celebrating great skill and achievement.

Is it any wonder that coercive killers and creeps would want to attach themselves to such a magical event?

But be sure, the creeps of government do not celebrate free exchange and the great achievements that come form it., The creeps are about war, and coercion and killing and regulation. They are about as different as you can get from the fans and participants of the Super Bowl.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher at and at Target Liberty. He is also author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics


  1. The nationalist propaganda at the beginning of games is annoying.

    1. No question.

      I love watching sports. I know there's a tendency over at LRC to sometimes demonize them and make comparisons to the whole "bread & circuses" thing. No question as RW notes above they've been infiltrated by gov't propaganda agents and the like...but I agree with him in that I watch because of the high level that's been achieved athletically and like to watch high level competition and can appreciate what it took for the to reach this level. (most have raw gifts, but they still had to develop them) He was also careful to point out the nature of the competition, voluntary & not involving death(unlike the bread and circuses era).

      It doesn't distract me from from the reality of things outside of the sport itself, though I'm sure there's some warranted "bread & circus" comparisons for a certain segment of the population but that doesn't mean the rest of us shouldn't be able to enjoy a good competitive game.

      The worst time for most higher level sports watching is the US anthem for me, I've handled different ways, usually going to the bathroom and such, but I just love watching high level competitive sports. I really don't even have a "favorite" team, I just appreciate the high level athletics and competition.

    2. I think it's possible that Pro sports = WWE wrestling. It's weird how people who scream that the financial markets are rigged and manipulated will say, despite the huge money involved, it's impossible that pro sports or the weather was similarly manipulated for the benefit of TPTB.

  2. Since I'm neither a sports fan not a TV watcher, I am able to avoid being propagandized in this way. It is sad, though, that people who do enjoy pro sports have to tolerate such intrusions on their favorite entertainments.