Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Masses and Their Heroes

According to Gallup, these are the most admired men in America:

1. Barack Obama

2. Pope Francis

3. Bill Clinton

4. Rev. Billy Graham

5. George W. Bush

6. Ben Carson

7. Stephen Hawking

8. Bill Gates

9. Bill O’Reilly

10. Benjamin Netanyahu

11. Vladimir Putin


  1. Like popular lists of the greatest American Presidents, most of these guys would transcribe directly to the top of my own list of those who most trample human freedom.

  2. Apart from Stephen Hawking and a younger Bill Gates, I can't think of a list of men I admire least.

  3. The great unwashed masses admire these men because in doing so they project themselves onto them and imagine themselves acting with the same disregard for human decency. Some prisoners don't want freedom, they want prisoners of their own.

  4. Wow, Putin is on the list. Maybe the sheeple ARE awakening!