Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How To Smear Ron Paul In One Lesson

By Chris Rossini

Do you consider yourself a wordsmith?

Do you also desire a seat on the nice warm lap of The State?

Well here's a hot tip.

I'll show you how to smear the great champion of liberty...Ron Paul.

It's actually very simple to do. Make sure to use the following phrases:

  • "several failed presidential races"
  • "kooky"
  • "bizarre views"
  • "running around saying strange things at strange conferences"
  • "bizarre ideas"
  • "fringe presidential candidate who espoused ridiculous views"...and...
  • "off the wall ideas."

If you can squeeze all of that into a single piece, then you've made it!

You're ready to write for MSNBC!


  1. Eeewwww!!!
    You delivered me to the MSNBC web site!
    Now I gotta go take a shower!

    1. The commenters are goading Red states to just try to live without nanny government. LOL.

    2. Ha! I'd say, "No problem leftist idiots. We'll get rich while you worthless morons keep digging yourselves into a deeper hole."

  2. Oh boy, the comment section for that article is not very encouraging...

    About 5 years ago I asked an acquaintance, who was Canadian, what he thought about the latest Canadian secession movements. He asked me, "Well what would you think if Texas seceded?" I told him "I wouldn't care- how would that affect me in any way?". He was dumbfounded by my response.