Thursday, February 26, 2015

An Auspicious Era For The Military-Industrial-Complex

By Chris Rossini

What a bonanza the invasion of Iraq has turned out to be for the merchants of death.

During the occupation of the country, the U.S. took 10 years, and spent billions and billions in building up the Iraqi army, making it one of the best-armed militaries in the area.

In came Al-Qaeda (and its offshoot ISIS) which didn't exist in Iraq prior to the U.S. occupation, and they steamrolled the place. In June of last year they captured Mosul, which is the second largest city in Iraq.

The Iraqi military, with all of its new U.S. weapons, turned tail and ran, leaving many of the weapons for ISIS to loot.

Now, almost a year later, comes the headline from Reuters: U.S. arms flow to Iraq ahead of planned Mosul offensive.

More arms are streaming in to the very same people who gave up their arms to ISIS last year!

If you're a maker of weapons, you can't lose!! These companies are the Wall Street of warfare...Heads they win...Tails they win...

And boy are their stock prices screaming upwards:

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