Wednesday, January 28, 2015

V. Stiviano, Mistress of Donald Sterling, Ordered to Pay $50,000 in Legal Fees as Lawsuit Closes

Do not mess with billionaires in court (or the government). You are not going to win.

The woman who taped Donald Sterling warning her about for bringing black men to Los Angeles Clippers games was ordered by a judge Monday to pay more than $50,000 in legal fees related to her failed defamation countersuit against the billionaire’s wife, the Sterling family trust and a former Clippers team entity,according to Jewish Business News.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard Fruin granted the Sterling attorneys’ request to dismiss V. Stiviano’s claims in November, which allowed the Sterling parties to seek attorneys’ fees, the report said.



  1. LOL. Looks like little Ms. Entitlement Princess got what she had coming to her.

    And RW, I don't know about not messing with billionaires. I hear some Russian oligarch was forced to pay $1 billion dollars (which is insane) to his ex (maybe "messing" with billionaires works better when you're married to them?). It's why very wealthy men should always avoid marriage. Besides, by getting a wife these days you're also marrying the STATE. No thank you.

    1. Poor men should avoid marriage even more. If you are a billionaire and the ex takes half, you still have 500 million dollars. If you make 40 thousand per year and the ex takes half, you're moving back in with mom and dad.

      "Besides, by getting a wife these days you're also marrying the STATE. No thank you."

      There is a small but growing movement where some churches will not marry you if you have a marriage license.

  2. Miss Stiviano should have no problem raising the money, all she has to do is sell one of the two Bentleys or the Ferrari that Donald gave her. Don't mess with billionaires?