Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Screwing of Ross Ulbricht: Judge Rules Gov’t Can Show Murder-for-Hire Evidence in Ulbricht Trial (Even though he is not being charged with murder-for-hire)

Ross Ulbricht better hope a jury nullification advocate finds a way onto the jury,

The government is pulling out every dirty trick to convict Ulbricht of  victimless "crimes."

Arstechnical fills us in on the latest aggressive government move:
A new judicial order in the Silk Road drug trafficking case has dealt a harsh blow to suspect Ross Ulbricht's defense—less than a week before his criminal trial is scheduled to begin.

Ulbricht's lawyer sought to remove the government's evidence about the alleged six murders-for-hire from the case, but late Wednesday, US District Judge Katherine Forrest wrote that she will allow that evidence to be put in front of a jury, even though Ulbricht does not currently face charges of attempted murder.

The 45-page order sides with the government on almost every key point. This is likely the last major pre-trial order, and it tips the balance decisively in the government's favor. The question now is whether it will push Ulbricht toward making a plea deal. If no deal is reached, Ulbricht will face a jury trial in a Manhattan courtroom next Tuesday morning.



  1. I would kill to be on that jury. This is despicable. Not only is the prosecutor boys with Chuck Schumer; Judge Katherine Forrest is in Chuck's pocket! She was nominated to the bench by Obama based on Chuck's recommendation!!! Fair trial? HOW?! I pray God is with the members of this jury, and that they are able to see the truth, or at the very least, able to see that Ross is not a violent criminal, but a dreamer who believes in true liberty, and for that he should be lauded, not punished. At the very least, I hope they will recognize the insanity of a man facing 30 to life for merely hosting a website! I would KILL to be on that jury.

  2. For a court to decide what will or will not be admissible as evidence defeats the purpose of a justice system.

    Let the jury decide what is or is not relevant, and keep the courts from restricting would-be evidence on the grounds that "it wasn't collected in the right way".

    Truth is truth, evidence is evidence, regardless of the manner in which it was discovered.