Wednesday, January 14, 2015

SFL Activist Who Wants to Prevent Ron Paul From Speaking at SFL Calls for Military Confrontation with Putin

International SFL activist Egle Markeviciute, who as part of a ladies troika opposes Ron Paul speaking at SFLwrites at Daily Caller:
Military intervention is a taboo topic, especially for war-weary Americans in the wake of Iraq and Afghanistan. However, as the free-market Russian economist Andrei Illarionov contends, “Putin must be confronted militarily. I do not mean acts of war. But the West should show a military presence in the Black Sea, for example. This is the only way to stop Putin.”...

Limited military presence, such as an increased NATO presence in the Baltic States and Poland or troop deployment in Ukraine, is something that liberty-minded individuals should reconsider as a preventive measure to stop the spread of Putin’s conquests further into Eastern Europe...

While it’s true that an overly aggressive military response from the Western world may only provoke Russia further, a lack of military response could only be worse by encouraging further land grabs.
Putin conquests?  Does Markeviciute understand that Crimeans overwhelming voted to secede form Ukraine and sought Russian protection? Does Markeviciute understand that it is the US Empire, operating in Kiev,  4,243 miles from its capital of Washington D.C. That Ukraine borders Russia, not 1000 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest?



  1. This SFL activist must be imbibing the legal limit of statist propaganda by watching too much sports, or cable news programing, and now is barely capable of repeating threadbare Koch-clique sound bites. For the Koch-clique brigade, ignorance is bliss.

  2. No they don't. See the vote in Crimea was rigged or taken under duress of foreign occupation. If you suggest the United states is involved in ukrain then you are a Putin supporter.

    How we got here where the propaganda carries more weight than easily proven facts is beyond me. Question how the Kieve government was over thrown even with the tape? Conspiracy theorist. But the vote in Crimea was a conspiracy because that's what sneaky Russians do!

    1. Your ignorance is stunning, have you ever googled (neocon queen) Victoria Nuland handing out cookies during the protests in Ukraine? If that was to hard for you, can you explain what the head of the CIA was doing in the Ukraine last spring? If you are as lost as I think you are, explain why Hunter Biden is trying to drill for shale oil in the war zone of eastern Ukraine?
      Putin is a hell of a lot smarter than you believe he is, and the way he makes decisions seems to differ a great deal from the myopic processes of the vast majority of western leaders. Dmitry Orlov has a current article explaining the Russian mindset, and I would suggest you read it.
      I do not worship Putin, but I admire his ability to make western leaders look like idiots by comparison.

    2. Sorry I knew I should have posted w sarcastic disclaimer on my post incase no one pick up on. Yes, I read antiwar almost daily and list in Scott Horton regularly.

      I was using satire to explain how neocons frame the Ukrain argument.