Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Oh Vey, I Give Rand's New "Libertarian Girl" Less Than A Week

It turns out that Marianne Copenhaver, aka 'Libertarian Girl,' has some spunk in her, This means that Team Rand is going to ditch her pronto.

The neocon web site, Free Beacon, reports that she:
 promoted the anti-Israel group Breaking the Silence.
And said
 Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) “will use anything to satisfy his blood lust.”
The FB informs:
 Copenhaver’s  recent Facebook posts are filled with vehement attacks on the GOP’s foreign policy on Iran, Russia, the Islamic State, Syria, and Israel....Copenhaver added: “Side note: A big f*** you to Lindsey Graham and John McCain.”...
“Edward Snowden deserves a Nobel Peace Prize NOT President Obama,” wrote Copenhaver.
The blogger went on to defend Vladimir Putin’s refusal to extradite Snowden to the United States, calling America a “bully.”
Bottom line: Rand is going to distance himself from Copenhaver faster than he can say "Sheldon, honest, I had no idea. I thought Copenhaver was an Israeli name."



  1. It's funny how Rand makes such an effort to distance himself from people like this, but makes no qualms about his cozy relationship with scumbags like Jess Benton. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to be associated with Benton given the Ron Paul Inc. investigations? I know Benton's family, but he could still keep his distance if wants to run for president. He also endlessly sucks up to the National Review types even though they slam him and his father constantly, but at the same time Rand wants nothing to do with die hard supporters of his like Alex Jones. For me, it’s not just the stances Rand has taken recently but a question of character. What type of person cowers in fear when his own father gets attacked right in front of his face? You would never see Pat Buchanan act like that.

  2. I think people are jumping ship and not following her anymore because of her blatant flip flopping and limited understanding of freedom.

  3. Rand is losing support from both sides because this lukewarm fool simply refuses to pick a side. Hot or cold is better. John McCain is an evil criminal (read: politician) but at least you know where you stand with the guy.

  4. I follow her on Facebook. Highly recommended.

  5. send rand back to israel

  6. I am sure she has spunk in her lol