Friday, January 9, 2015

Free Speech Hypocrites

Thomas DiLorenzo writes:
In the aftermath of the horrific murders of the people at the French cultural Marxist magazine, the journalistic Left all over the world has all of a sudden become a voice for free speech. Yes, the same people responsible or campus speech codes and all other forms of political correctness aimed at censoring words they disapprove of.   The French Left, especially, has its collective panties in a wad and is said to be increasing the distribution of the magazine that was targeted by the murderers from  its usual 60,000 issues to 1 million in the next issue.

The French cultural Marxists take the top award for hypocrisy here, since they have long supported the French “hate speech” laws that, among other things, criminalize “insults” against various cultural Marxist mascot groups (just about everyone in society except for white heterosexual males).  In France, if you are found guilty of insulting a mascot or mascot group, the penalty is 6 months in prison and a 22,500 Euro fine.  According to the Wikipedia entry about Hate Speech Laws in France, however, no insult to Christians or Muslims is so severe as to invoke the hate speech law.  A French court even ruled that comparing the Christian cross to the Nazi swastika, as one other cultural Marxist magazine did, was “not an insult” to Christians.

This all reminds one of how, when the Left was in the minority in American academe, the ACLU championed free speech, then turned on a dime and defended all of the most extreme forms of censorship by political correctness on college campuses once their cultural Marxist brothers and sisters captured most of American academe.
Lew Rockwell writes:
Tweets Glenn Greenwald:
In 2009, Charlie Hedbo fired a writer for a joke they said as anti-semitic – then he was charged with a hate crime.
And don't forget it is a crime in France for Muslim women to wear  face-covering  niqabs or burqas.


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