Friday, January 9, 2015

Epstein's Sex Slave Operation and Alan Dershowitz & Prince Andrew

By Robert Morrow
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Her name is Virginia Roberts and she was brought to Jeffrey Epstein by his girlfriend and underage girl recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell in 1998 when Virginia was age 15. For 3 years Virginia became a sex slave for Jeffrey Epstein. Mega pedophiles Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were (are) close personal friends with Bill Clinton. In fact, Bill Clinton invited Ghislaine to Chelsea's wedding in 2010.

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  1. 15? Unsavory perhaps, but isn't paedophilia. Statutory rape, probably. Trafficking of a minor.

    1. And from the libertarian point of view, of course, statutory "rape" is no crime at all.

  2. The real victim here is Jeffrey Epstein. This is not a story of "sexual slavery" or "rape" but of people persecuted for consensual acts.

    1. Well, it could be the case of fraud: promising one thing (hiring a girl as a masseuse) and having her to do quite another (being a prostitute). Under libertarian law, this would be a crime - in fact, this will be just as serious as an actual rape. It could also be argued that she was incapable of providing consent under the psychological manipulation because she's plainly stupid.

    2. @ averros

      I really like your argument/statement. Kudos to you.

      The line between child & adult, intellectually speaking-is not clear. That's why father's should protect/guard their teenage girls closely.