Friday, January 9, 2015

Charlie Hebdo and the Profiteers of Tragedy

By Justin Raimondo

At this point, the justified expressions of outrage and the paeans to the dead have long surpassed the need for duplication. What remains is to ask, with the cold clarity of an observer looking down from a great height: Who profits, and who loses, from theterrorist strike at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo?
The profiteers of tragedy, in this case, are all the worst elements in human society, East and West. On the one hand, our War Party is in high dudgeon: on Twitter yesterday [Wednesday], New York Times columnist Roger Cohen shrieked:
"I am shaking with rage at the attack on Charlie Hebdo. It’s an attack on the free world. The entire free world should respond, ruthlessly."
I asked him who or what should be the target, and he responded:

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