Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Examining the Hatred of Vladimir Putin and Russia

By Boyd D. Cathey

Anyone who has followed the ongoing crisis in Eastern Europe and Ukraine knows the very hostile view that the establishment news media and Washington political class have of President Vladimir Putin of Russia and his policies. In the halls of Congress and in the mainstream press—almost every night on Fox News—serious charges are proffered against Russia’s president and his latest outrages. Sanctions and bellicose measures get enacted by the House and Senate overwhelmingly, with only meagre opposition and almost no serious discussion.

The mainstream American media and American political leaders seem intent to present only a one-sided, very negative picture of the Russian leader.

Various allegations are continually and repeatedly expressed.

How do these charges stand up under serious examination? What is their origin? And, what do they say about the current political and cultural environment in America and the West?

The allegations against Putin can be summarized in five major points:

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  1. When trying to understand the mindset of America's leadership you have to go back to the spiritual notions of the Greeks and Romans. The spiritual ideas of 1,600 years ago did not disappear with the fall of Rome, but were carried forward into the future by scholars in Germany, and England who read Latin and preserved ancient texts from christian zealots. These ideas were hidden in plain sight, and sketched in beautiful mosaics like the Cosmati Pavement of Westminster Abbey, which was created in 1268 by using ancient Roman mosaics from the temples of the gods. Jesus Christ may have held sway over the illiterate masses, but the western elite believed in Saturn, and other notable gods, Astrology, Astronomy, sacred geometry, Alchemy, and other little known areas of study.
    The article suggests that the west is trying to erase god from the governance of the entire western world, and I have to completely agree, that is the final goal. The west is using an ancient practice which was used extensively by the Romans, (Damnatio Memoriae) erasing someone from all existing records, and thereby erasing the memory of them. In the present case the west is attempting to erase god or nature for all edible plants and animals, and make themselves god-men of Saturn. By owning and controlling the DNA of everything that is consumed by mankind they can effectively turn humanity into livestock from conception to grave.
    People do not realize that the gods, Saturn, Minerva, Athena, Neptune, and Lua are still celebrated on their festival days which line up with significant days and events on the modern calendar. Every republican president over the last 80 years has celebrated Neptune in the woods of Monte Rio, California, under tents and umbrellas while drinking under a canopy of redwood trees.
    The idea the Jesus Christ was the foundation of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or the governance of this supposed republic is a time honored fraud that serves to hide a much darker set of principals that conservative christians refuse to even entertain, or comprehend.