Sunday, November 16, 2014

WOW California County Quietly Votes For Independence From State And Federal Laws

Mendocino County, in northern California, on November 6th, by a significant margin, became the first county in California, and only the second county in the country to pass into law a very powerful local ordinance that declares local self-governing rights in their communities over state and federal jurisdiction. Over 67% of the votes cast were in favor of the measure.

Note this is not necessarily a move toward a total libertarian society.The ordinance provides for waters free from toxic trespass; preemptively bans all fracking activities countywide with heavy fines and penalties for violation of the ordinance; and establishes a Community Bill of Rights to, for, and by the residents of Mendocino County while checking corporate powers as well. So there is clearly too big of a role for government in this new independent jurisdiction, complete recognition of private property is just not there.

That said, this attempt at secession from the state and federal governments by Mendocino County is fascinating.


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  1. Like I say to my (many) lefty friends when I try to explain Libertarianism:
    "Look, live on a commune, practice socialism all you want. In a libertarian society you're free to do all that stuff as much as you want. Just don't make ME join up!"

  2. Did they prohibit the federal govt from collecting the taxes?

    ...I thought so... it's just local politicos grabbing more power for themselves.