Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kentucky Democratic Party: New FEC Records Show Huge Payments to Disgraced McConnell Campaign Manager Ensnared in Federal Bribery Scandal

The KDP reports:

New FEC records show that ex-McConnell campaign chief Jesse Benton was paid $117,000 during a period in which he was—according to news reports quoting McConnell sources and McConnell himself—no longer running McConnell’s campaign. Under the headline:

 “Mitch McConnell staffer wasn’t running campaign”

McConnell sources dished that Benton’s duties had essentially ceased after the May 20th primary defeat of Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin, at which point the campaign was turned over to current manager Josh Holmes.

New FEC documents now show that – despite being replaced and under investigation in a federal bribery scandal that ultimately caused his resignation – Benton was paid at least $117,000 by Mitch McConnell’s campaign committee, his leadership PAC, and the Republican Party of Kentucky.

“We now know why Mitch McConnell has repeatedly stonewalled every single media question about his knowledge of the federal bribery scandal surrounding his former campaign chief,” said Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Dan Logsdon.

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