Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trying Hard to Understand the Logic Here

CBS Dallas reports:
Some of the [Dallas] health care workers being monitored are being furloughed, but others have continued to work, depending on the level of their exposure. None are allowed to use public transit.
Why would you prevent these people from travelling on public transit, BUT allow them to continuing working in a hospital setting, where they are most assuredly coming into close regular contact with many?

The incubation period before Ebola symptoms develop in infected people is from 21 to 42 days. Just pay the workers and tell them not to come in for a month and a half.


Via NyPo:
Contrast the policy at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital versus what is going on in Ohio, where Ebola patient Amber Vinson visited:

Two hospital systems in Cleveland and a hospital in Canton said 18 of their nurses were on Vinson’s Friday flight and are on paid leave as a precaution.

At Kent State University, three employees related to Vinson have been asked to remain off campus for three weeks...Several other districts reported employees stayed home after determining they or other people with whom they had contact may have been in close proximity to Vinson.


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  1. Sometimes you got to wonder why kind of people run these hospitals.