Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rand Paul: There Should Be No End to Government 'Safety Nets" Until...

Time magazine is out with its puff piece on Rand. How bad of a puff piece is it?

Consider this gem:
Paul is 51 years old, but if you worked a dim liquor-store you still might card him.
Yup, Time is suggesting that this guy might be taken for under 21 (This is an actual pic from the Time piece)

There is really not much to the piece, a lot of air. But there is this near the end, quoting Rand:
"I have said and I will continue to say that we shouldn't cut one penny from the safety net until we eliminate every penny of corporate welfare."
Got that? He is using his Israeli funding formula domestically.

Reports the New American,: Speaking at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, Paul proposed gradually reducing all U.S. foreign aid, with Israel being among the last recipients of such aid to feel the pinch.

“I’m all for gradualism,” he said. “I would start a little more quickly with those who are enemies of Israel, and enemies of the U.S. I would like to see their aid end more quickly."

Bottom line, he is not about ending government payments domestically or overseas but phrases his support for payments in a cute fashion. By calling for cuts that won't hurt him with any voters, while where voter blocs need to be considered, he makes clear that there will be no government funding cuts ever.


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