Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oh Boy, Peter Guber, Golden State Warriors Co-Owner, Regrets Writing He Wants to Learn "Hoodish"

Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber wrote to team employees to say that he regrets if anybody was offended by his unintentional use of "hoodish" in an email, NBC San Francisco reports.

Yahoo Sports reported late Monday night that Guber listed "hoodish'' as one of the languages he planned to learn as he replied to a team email praising the franchise for having five international players on this season's roster. Guber, who is Jewish, responded later that he intended to type Yiddish.



  1. Someone should tell him it's easier to monetize the ability to speak in "hoodish" than "yiddish".

    Just ask Jay Z.

  2. What a gutless twerp!
    Right up there with "It crawled into my hand, honest!!"